Chimera Plugins

Plugins are the way to add support to chimera. Plugins are divided in two categories: instruments and controllers. Instruments are to add supported hardware by chimera and controllers are the high-level interfaces.

If you are interested on developing a new plugin for chimera, please take look at our chimera for devs page.


If you need support for any device which Chimera’s doesn’t support, call us and we can try to develop it or help you to do it.


For details on installation, configuration and an updated list of tested devices, please follow the link to the plugin page.


  • chimera-autofocus: Focus your telescope automatically every time you need. On the main chimera package
  • chimera-autoguider: Easy automatic guiding using chimera.
  • chimera-gui: A simple Graphical User Interface to chimera. On the main chimera package
  • chimera-headers: Template plugin to modify FITS header keywords. Advanced use
  • chimera-pverify: Verify the telescope pointing accuracy easily. On the main chimera package
  • chimera-skyflat: Wakes the telescope at the right time and make the exposure time calculations to make automatic sky-flatting.
  • chimera-stellarium: Integrates Stellarium ephemeris software with chimera.
  • chimera-webadmin: Start/Stop/Resume your robotic observatory from a web page.
  • chimera-xephem: Integrates XEphem ephemeris software with chimera.